A documentary about Ladyhawk


Produced, Directed, Photographed, and Edited by:
Rob Leickner and Mona Mok

Additional Cinematography by:
Kimm Machalik and Ken Tsui

Sound Editing by:
Mona Mok and Zdenek Sychrava

Music Editing by:
Rob Leickner and Colin Stewart

Mixed at:
The Hive Studios, Vancouver

Ladyhawk is:
Duffy Driediger
Darcy Hancock
Sean Hawryluk
Ryan Peters

In order of appearance:
Terry Stewart
Colin Stewart
Heather Stack
Renee Crawford
Kevin Kane
Jay Douillard
Connor McClosky
Braden Barclay
Curtis Collier
Maxa Anzai
Steve Hubert
Davida Nemeroff
Chantelle La Violette
Jon Rae
Anne Rust D’eye
Ian Russell
Paul Mortimer
Jonathan Adjemin
Mike Stafford
Dave Clarke