A documentary about Ladyhawk



Mona Mok

Mona is a Vancouver-based filmmaker and graduate of Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design Program. Besides completing audio post-production on 6 short films and 4 documentary trailers, she has also produced, written, directed and taken cinematography duties on 'Departures', her first short film.

Her involvement in the Ladyhawk documentary include directing, producing, second camera, editing, and audio post-production supervision.

mona(at)obsoletefilms (dotcom)

Rob Leickner

As co-founder and recording engineer of one of the most significant indie rock recording studios in Vancouver (www.hivestudios.net), Rob got his start in the entertainment business through The Hive recording studio where he saw this bedroom studio grow into a 3,000 square foot complex.

After achieving success in that medium Rob felt his creative output pulled to the world of film. He immersed himself in cinema and redirected the passion that drove his commitment to The Hive into another medium: independent filmmaking. Since 2002, Rob has written 3 feature scripts, produced and directed 4 short dramatic films, is in development on a documentary with veteran documentary producer and director David Vaisbord, and has embarked on his own independent documentary about Ladyhawk. Rob is glad to be working in a venue that allows his cinematic voice be heard.

rob (at) obsoletefilms (dotcom)